Our mission

We are a group of honest, quirky, unconventional believers. And we love it.

Girls sitting on a rock with mountain views


We test our limits, from physical to social, and sometimes mental too. We engage and help each other; encouraging failure as only then we learn how to better ourselves. We have our shades of crazy and that’s a reason for pride and joy. We are all great and we are all fighters, we are all full of surprises and we are all exceptional because of it.  We strongly believe in camaraderie, support, tolerance and understanding of each other, and we truly believe these are movement inspirers. This is what motivates us to get out of bed every morning and it is what Maniack stands for.

Maniack was created to motivate women to try all things active. We are here to provide you with great quality, supportive and responsible clothing that you can trust in session. We create amazing, powerfully designed kit that acts not only as support, but as inspiration to all of us out there so, regardless of how challenging it may be at times, we can be proud of engaging in sports and of being role models to our peers.

We want you to go out and achieve you first non-stop 5k, hike your first mountain or throw that front kick you always wanted to. You name it, we are here for you. And if you’re lucky enough to have found the discipline(s) you love, we want to be the name you trust when conquering those precious, hard worked for marginal gains. We want you to go out and to be proud and we want to hear about the gains you made and how our clothing was with you every step of the way.   

(Please see below why multifunctional clothing is the responsible approach.)


What can we do as a brand, what are we doing and what is yet to come?

We are a very small brand and that comes with its (many) limitations, but from the get-go we knew we could do our part and act responsibly by helping people and the environment, even if just on a small scale. Charities, responsible manufacturing and respecting the clothing we make are some examples of the approach we use in the development process.

We dedicated much time and effort to create a supply chain that is as geographically tight as possible. All fabrics, reflective trims and clothing manufacturing are from Northern Italy, a location intentionally chosen to help reduce CO2 emissions. We don’t compromise on quality and all suppliers have been hand-picked for their very high standards. We trust and respect the people we work with and we flew in to check our partner's facilities personally. They deal with some of the leading sustainable performance brands in Europe, so we were immensely honoured when they took us on board. As they knew we wanted to work with small quantities, we like to think they saw potential in our project. 

We are mountain lovers and our inspiration comes from the outdoors. This is why the causes we support are related to protecting or restoring nature to its incredible majestic self. If you would like to know more about our photoshoots and how we respected the land we visited, please do get in touch. Ultimately, we look at our gear as a means to reach you in the way we know how to communicate with.

Our product

Girl running in the woods
We conducted extensive research, attended trade fairs and spoke to specialists in the field, combining all information gathered to our knowledge in the industry to ensure we are in the right path. Rest assured that we were not short of pitfalls – after all this is part of our ethos of try, fail, learn and move forward -, but we did reach the conclusion that having long-lasting and high-performance materials is the number one priority if we are truly looking to act responsibly.

We also look for recycled options, which are only included in the range when we know they will have the same performance and durability attributes achieved with our virgin materials. We do this as when we conducted our research, we learned that because of the energy needed to produce recycled materials, being long-lasting is better for the environment than being recycled with poor durability*. So far, we have already found one option and used it in our signature Kickass leggings. The fabric is so unbelievably soft and the high Lycra® content makes it incredibly supportive without being restrictive – the established Lycra® name ensures the fabric also has great recovery and tension retention, therefore extending the product’s lifecycle.

Each style is unique and works differently. The development of the brand will see styles added when and if there is a need for it, not because the industry demands updated styles just so we can sell more. We stand by our approach to sustainability and creating for number’s sake is not a driver here. The only time when two pieces may provide the same function - whilst still being visually different - is when the price point is different (our aim is to be inclusive and we are aware the price is an important piece of the puzzle). We want to sell less to more people, not more to the same person.

We are not looking to create marketing pieces; we truly believe our products are the best they can be, but we will keep improving and researching new options that meet our requirements.

Our goal

Hiking with mountain views

Inclusivity. We want to inspire women to go out there and move, to test new sports disciplines, to be happy in their skin and to be kind to each other regardless of age, shape or race. The alternative to this word couldn’t be further away from what we believe in, we don’t like it and don’t use it.

Our first range is a mix of experimental and conceptual pieces, but above all, they are functional. The pieces are warm, supportive, dependable, adaptable and ready for (almost) anything. They are part of our conceptual and experimental capsules that will pave the way for future products and ideas. In our commitment to act responsibly, we are launching multifunctional pieces that cater to various needs. Multifunctional performance clothing can provide great choices if you like to do different things, and when created purposefully, the same piece will deliver to different requirements at once (and perform even for the best of athletes), reducing the need to purchase a different piece for each discipline. It acts responsibly by reducing unnecessary consumption.

We look forward to hearing back from you with feedback, good or constructive. And if you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch, we will be more than happy to hear from you.

(So, apart from having Alecia Beth – one day 🙏🏼 – proudly wearing our clothes) That’s the bang we want for Maniack’s launch!    

 *Recycled options require more energy to be created as many more steps need to be added in the manufacturing process. There are also further risks as the supplies for these fabrics are very unstable (it is very demanding to get plastic or nylon to constantly reach the standards needed for production). There are many factors to be taken into consideration when choosing recycled fabrics, and depending on the expectations, virgin fabrics will be more sustainable than recycled ones. We do not compromise on quality and will always look for recycled options that reach our standards. We will always choose fabrics that deliver the best in durability, performance, and of course, send a responsible message.


Thank you! Very much!